Denture RELINES & REPAIRS Port Macquarie

Get the most from your dentures.

It’s no secret that dentures can become tired overtime. Our repair and relining services help to revitalise your existing dentures, so you can enjoy complete oral comfort. Call or email our team to have your dentures feeling like new.

If your dentures are causing you discomfort, pop in and see our team. We will examine your set of dentures to determine the cause of the problem, before getting to work on fixing it.

Denture Repairs

Most denture repairs are carried out in our in-house laboratory, which is equipped with up-to-date information & technology including a cast welding PUK machine.

Our prosthetists are proud to provide affordable denture maintenance, with quick, same-day turnarounds for cast alloy framework.

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Deture Relines

Over time the shape of your mouth will change, which can lead to your dentures feeling not as perfect as they once did.

Equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment, our team of friendly prosthetists will delicately reline your existing dentures, so you can enjoy the benefits of comfortable dentures once again. Relining your dentures only takes a few hours to complete.

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